Day 0 – Going to Skövde

Going to Skövde in July is to experience – in a slow and sustained manner – expectation, faith and hope, mixed with worry, anxiety and stress.

In the same way all these feelings are stacked on top of each other when the tournament is really put to the test, where I have personally experienced the final for U15 in 2009 and the final for U13 in 2014, you now get them spread out during 350 kilometers in the car or the team bus.

Will the weather be decent?
Will our quarterback take the pressure?
Will I shoot any good pictures?
Can we really beat the Griffins?
How much longer to go?
— 14 seconds? 27 kilometers? 2 yards?
Please please merciful football Gods, let the referee throw his flag for that holding…
Traffic jam through Laxå this year too, why dont they just build a traffic circle like everyone else…
Do I have time for a pee break at Statoil, Brändås?
Do I have time for a hotdog before the U17 game?

The expectations before a final game are immediate and slightly panicking and usually completely uncertain.

The expectations before the tournament, a new year with a new team, are more characterized by curiosity and to some extent hope, but are just as uncertain.

But it is like with anything uncertain – just take steady steps forward, and time will tell the rest.

So we went to Skövde.

20150730_113109Bags were packed.

20150730_150810Cars were decorated.

Rainstorms were forced.






Finally, we got there. And the sun greeted us welcome.

2015-07-30 17.42.40

At the football fields the grass paint cart was working overtime. New lines would mark five fields for american football.


And the grass had grown wonderfully well this lousy rainy summer.



So after the 350 kms and anguish about weather and football success, the Flyers begin our invasion of Skövde…20150730_211827



Let’s play some football!



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